NAPD is delighted to endorse this new student card from the ISSU and looks forward to its widespread distribution among second level students.-Clive Byrne (Director) - NAPD

ISSU have done great work in bringing out this student card; as well as offering great discounts, it will also help second-level students establish their identity and make themselves heard in Irish education.-Emer Nowlan - Educate Together

A student card for secondary students is a great innovation in providing services and discounts for students and also crucially in supporting ISSU that can speak out on their behalf. -Michael Mc Loughlin - Youth Work Ireland

The JMB congratulates the ISSU on the introduction of a 2nd Level Card and wishes the initiative every success.-Ferdia Kelly - JMB

We, the National Parents Council post primary, are delighted to endorse the ISSU Card initiative which will be of benefit to all the second level students in respect of reduced prices for attending films, concerts etc and will also give them discount in many outlets, particularly necessary in these difficult economic times. The fact that the card will also be proof of age will assist many students with travel costs also, which for some students was causing problems due to their appearance, i.e. they appeared older that they were. We would like to congratulate you on this initiative and look forward to seeing the card in all second-level schools in the very near future.-Teresa McSweeney - NPCpp

The ASTI is delighted to support this progressive initiative from the ISSU. The card will be of great benefit not only to secondary school students but also to proprietors of businesses at home and abroad.-Diarmaid De Paor - ASTI

The ISSU card is a win-win for young people, not only do they make savings when they pay, they support the work of ISSU who are giving students a bigger say.-James Doorley - NYCI

Well done to ISSU for organising a card for second level students which will be a very useful identity tool for young people.-Bernie Judge - TUI

The Irish Vocational Education Association (IVEA) is pleased to endorse the ISSU Card. Apart from providing second-level students with credible proof of age and access to a wide range of discounts; it will also support the work of ISSU and raise the profile of the organisation among both the young and the not so young. ISSU is to be sincerely congratulated on its foresight and effort in putting this card in place.-Michael Moriarty - IVEA

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