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We invite all second-level schools and centres of education to participate in the iConnect Card Campus Agreement for a whole school roll-out of the iConnect Card. This is the fastest and easiest way to apply and pay for bulk applications. The Campus Agreement is only available to schools who are affiliated to the ISSU, for information on joining click here.

How it works

  • The campus agreement is run in each school by the Student Council and is managed by a designated, elected officer ISSU Liaison Officer - elected from the Student Council. Each school identified by their Roll Number.
  • All the information the ISSU Liaison Officer needs is contained in the Campus Agreement welcome pack. We also supply the posters, applications forms etc.
  • The ISSU Liaison Officer in conjunction with the Student Council promotes the iConnect Card throughout the school, holds sign up sessions where you arrange the bulk authorisation of forms, check they are filled out correctly, check photos meet the requirements, collect payment and return them to us. In return, the ISSU Liaison Officer receives a voucher for a FREE iConnect Card as well as some other goodies when available throughout the year.

You can order further information on this by emailing or calling us.

Liaison Officers

If you have elected your ISSU Liaison Officer, you can now register them online. Once this is done, you can begin distributing the iConnect Card PR materials in your school.

(Please note only one application is processed per school).

If you would like more iConnect card application forms and posters sent to you, please send an email to or call us on 01 602 1679.

Arrange a School Visit

As part of the YouthConnect nationwide roadshow, we can visit your school and deliver

  • Lessons to your Transition Year Classses / LCVP Classes / LCA Classes / Business Classes on workers' rights
  • Talk to your student council about running an effective democratic student council
  • And assist with the rollout of the iConnect Card

Additional resources

The Campus Agreement - instructions for the Liaison Officer
A4 Poster
Application Forms - for your students
Bulk Return
Bulk Payment
Photo Guidelines

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